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Sports Center/Reported by Zhou Yiyu

The new crown pneumonia has spread across the world, and the epidemic has not stopped. The Tokyo Olympics is less than three months away. The top domestic athletes have to go abroad to fight for Olympic tickets. In order to protect the health of national players and prevent epidemics, the Sports Department has strived to give priority to AZ. Many national players have been vaccinated one after another, but after Taiwan badminton Dai Ziying revealed in his personal community that he decided not to vaccinate due to personal factors.

▲ Dai Ziying chose not to vaccinate. (Photo by reporter Wang Yixiang)

President Tsai Ing-wen said that international competitions under the epidemic are really not easy. In addition to arranging players, coaches and team members to give priority to vaccinations, they must also be careful and rigorous in screening and protection measures, and be sure to protect everyone’s health to “protect Players are the first priority.” The Central Epidemic Command Center has agreed to give priority to vaccinations for athletes from Asian, Olympic training teams or individual sports who need to go abroad.

▲The athletes of the Asian and Olympic training teams or individual sports who need to go abroad to compete can give priority to the vaccine. (Schematic/Data Photo)

After Taiwan badminton post-ball game Dai Ziying learned about the symptoms and side effects of the vaccination, she disclosed her decision to the personal community because she chose not to vaccinate because of personal factors. She won 1 gold and 2 silvers in Thailand, and took the seat behind the ball with 106,075 points. After returning, she finished 14 days of isolation and 7 days of independent health management, and then trained at the National Training Center. She is expected to go abroad to participate in Malaysia and Singapore in May. At the Open, fight for an Olympic ticket.

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