“National Sports Development Fund” kick off the project “Change, wake up, mold”

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

National Sports Development Fund Launched a project to adjust, change, wake up, mold, aiming to encourage young people to have a correct sports foundation. and inspiring young people to play more sports along with donating sports equipment and special grants by pressing the project kick off button And released a caravan, modified, raised, molded, went out to organize activities for youth in 4 schools in 4 regions from December this year.

Mr. Winai Thongrat, Executive Director of the National Sports Development Fund, said that the Change, Puke, Pan project was initiated by the National Sports Development Fund for the first time. The goal is to create a correct and standardized sports foundation for young people. to lead to the creation of a society of sports lovers Can add local athletes To the provincial and national levels, under this project, there will be activities using the 4-year strategy, namely “Adjust” by adjusting the sports fundamentals for youth with recreational sports games, “Changing” by provide new sports equipment to replace worn-out sports equipment, “wake up” by inspiring young people with role model athletes, and “Pun” by granting special sports grants or scholarships to school or school athletes.

The Modify, Puke, Mold project has primary target groups as elementary school students – Grade 6 students aged between 10-18 years old. Municipal School 5 (Phaholyothin Ramin Phakdi), Ratchaburi Province on December 16, 2022, focusing on practicing sepak takraw skills. Northeast Held at Huai Ton School Chaiyaphum Province on December 21, 2022, focusing on kickboxing skills training in the northern region, organized at Chiang Muan Wittayakhom School, Phayao Province on December 26, 2022, focusing on running sports skills and the southern region organized at Ban Ko Bulon School, Satun Province. on January 9, 2023, focusing on practicing beach soccer skills

for prototype athletes who will participate in activities at each school All of them are famous athletes who will inspire young people to play sports, for example, Sergeant Major Rattadej Noicharoen, a former Thai national takraw player, Waraporn Jaitiang, Thai national kickboxing athlete, Abhisit. Chang Hin, a rising star runner

“The Change, Wake Up, Mold project will be a good starting point for youth. Giving young people a chance to start Get started with the right sports fundamentals. and begin to step into the sports path which a good start will lead to success And make youth who have dreams of becoming athletes come true, ”said Winai.

In addition to the project caravan being released, modified, raised, molded as a symbol of the official kick-off of the project. In the event, there was also a discussion on the topic “Developing Sports to Excellence” with Mr. Winai Thongrat, Executive Director of the National Sports Development Fund, along with Mr. Prachum Buntiam, Deputy Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand. Department of Sports Excellence and Sports Science and Mr. Chanasin Simadamrong, Deputy Manager of the National Sports Development Fund, participated in the discussion.

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