National strike in Bogotá, demonstrations today – Bogotá

It is Tuesday, September 28 there will be a new day of demonstrations on Bogota. One of the great calls is led by the Unemployment Committee to demand the processing of the 10 bills presented in 2020; and the other great march will be called by feminist collectives that will demand the legal abortion, safe and free.

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“The Unemployment Committee, Fecode and the CUT have convened in the National Park in the morning and feminist groups have convened in the Plaza de la Hoja, in San Cristóbal, in Usme and in the vicinity of the Portal of the Americas. We have coordinated with different organizations their trips, their schedules to coordinate in the best way alternative routes. We trust that it will be a peaceful day, “he said. Luis Ernesto Gomez, mayor of Bogotá.

From the Mayor’s Office, so far, the following punites of demonstrations.

– Pedagogical University

– National Park

– Calle 27 with Carrera 10

– Leaf Square

– Americas Portal

– Chicalá

– Avenida Cali with Suba

– Bridge of Dignity

Follow the minute by minute of the protests7:18 am: Service

Due to the protests scheduled for this Tuesday, the Idu reported that its offices will only provide services until 1:30 pm

“Citizens are recommended to make use of the virtual and telephone channels provided by the entity,” said Idu.

7 am: A sit-in

The Ministry of Mobility reported a planting of about 20 people in the Bridge of Dignity, in the town of Usme. There is road involvement.

6:27 am – Mobility in normality

There are no reports of blockades or protests on the platforms of the Ministry of Mobility or those of TransMilenio.

We recommend you be aware of Twitter accounts @BogotaTransito and @TransMilenio

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Safety device

“More than 350 dialogue and coexistence managers will accompany the activities. And in the event of any disturbance to public order, there are clear instructions to proceed, within the framework of our protocol, with Available Force and, only in the event of a major disturbance. , will intervene Esmad“, explained the mayor (e) and invited to respect life, public heritage and healthy coexistence.

In turn, Colonel Jairo Baquero, Bogotá Metropolitan Police Operational Commander, assured that “the Policeman in Bogotá it has designed a scheme with about 3,800 police officers who will guarantee this right. Additionally, we are prepared to contain those public demonstrations that become crimes through riots, violence against public servants or attacks against the public infrastructure of the city. We are prepared to guarantee the public transport“.



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