National tribute to the policewoman killed in Rambouillet, “in the service of France”

Stéphanie Monfeture was “assassinated because she was in the service of France”: Prime Minister Jean Castex chaired Friday in Rambouillet (Yvelines) a national tribute ceremony to the police official stabbed to death a week earlier in the city police station.

At the time of committing his crime, the murderer “would have invoked the name of God”, noted Jean Castex. “It is a bloody insult thrown in the face of all those who believe in a God to mix transcendence with crime, no believer of any religion can admit it”, he added.

Mother of 49 years, in post for 28 years at the police station of Rambouillet as administrative agent, Stéphanie Monfeture “embodied in the eyes of this man whose name I refuse to pronounce, the French police force and therefore the authority of the State “, continued Mr. Castex, very close to the police station where the assailant had appeared on April 23 and killed with two stab wounds the official.

She was “assassinated because she served her country, because she was in the service of France”, added the head of government, on a vast esplanade of this city of Yvelines located about sixty kilometers to the south. west of Paris.

“She was endowed with a happy and helpful character, which is good in the often difficult daily life”, again noted Mr. Castex, before bowing to the portrait of Stéphanie Monfeture which had been solemnly brought by the police. in uniform. The Legion of Honor was awarded to him posthumously.

Five ministers – Gérald Darmanin (Interior), Eric Dupond-Moretti (Justice), Amélie de Montchalin (Public Service), Marlène Schiappa (Citizenship) and Nadia Hai (City) – so government spokesman Gabriel Attal participated in the tribute, as well as a hundred personalities and elected officials, including Valérie Pécresse (Libres! ex LR), Marine Le Pen (RN), Olivier Faure (PS), Laurent Saint-Martin, Aurore Bergé (LREM) or Clémentine Autain (LFI).

The ceremony, organized the day after the private funeral which Emmanuel Macron had attended, ended with the song “It’s a heartache” by Bonnie Tyler.

According to her relatives, the policewoman, mother of two daughters aged 13 and 18, liked to dance as often as possible. Every Wednesday, before the weekend ball, she went to the training of the country dance club of which she was the president, explained Christine Decoudun, treasurer of the “Saint-Léger Western” club.

“It was not uncommon (…) that once her day at the police station was over, she began another to support her husband, Alain, who had just taken over the bakery” in a neighboring town, also noted Mr. Castex.

– Teary-eyed –

In the public, kept at a distance behind barriers, there were nearly 200 people including many plainclothes police, some with tears in their eyes. “Many colleagues needed to come together, to pay a rather collective tribute, it makes it possible to feel less alone”, confided one of them, anonymously.

Victim of “the 17th Islamist terrorist action committed in France since 2014 against the police” according to the anti-terrorism prosecution, Stéphanie was one of the 12,500 administrative officers of the national police.

Present at the ceremony, Laetitia Ducros, SGP Police administrative sector national delegate, said she appreciated that the authorities finally recognize that these agents are “police personnel”: “That they can also become aware that with current events, we is also in danger and that we must review our working conditions and that the reception of the police stations be secure “, she wished.

The assassination of the police officer marked a department of Yvelines already bereaved by the beheading of teacher Samuel Paty six months ago and the assassination of a couple of police officers in 2016 in Magnanville.

“The defense of the right and of this French freedom to believe in heaven or not to believe in it, our enemy, Islamist terrorism, cannot tolerate it,” said the head of government.

The perpetrator of the Rambouillet attack, Jamel Gorchene, a 36-year-old Tunisian national, was killed on the spot by gunfire from a police officer.

Delivery driver, domiciled in Rambouillet, he had no criminal record and was unknown to the intelligence and justice services. But its modus operandi corresponds to recurring calls from the Islamic State (IS) group to attack the police.

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