National Vaccination Board: Prefer RNA vaccines for over 65s

What amounts of vaccine are expected

According to Statistics Austria, almost 1.7 million people in Austria are 65 years of age or older.

According to the latest available figures, 343,547 doses of the Astra Zeneca vaccine are due to be delivered in February. On Sunday evening, Astra Zeneca announced that it would deliver a little more – instead of 31, 40 million cans. Originally, however, 80 million cans were agreed.

Biontech / Pfizer is expected to deliver 300,000 doses in February and 450,000 doses in March (total 1,047,765 in the first quarter), from Moderna 105,600 cans in February and 83,200 cans in March (a total of 196,000 cans in the first quarter.

Discussion of effectiveness data

Experts criticize the fact that the public discussion gave the impression that the Astra Zeneca vaccine was worse because the effectiveness was only 60 percent instead of over 90 percent. “60 percent are also relevant, especially when you look at what options you otherwise have or not,” said EMA expert Bruno Sepodes at the EMA press conference on the occasion of the EU approval. “The vaccine from Astra Zeneca is also very effective, in the group that was treated with it, there were no hospital admissions, which is essential information,” said the Rector of MedUni Vienna, Markus Müller, recently. “The good thing is that the vaccine appears to be highly effective when it comes to the serious disease progression.”

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