National Yu 3-1 defeated Japan to advance to Thomas Cup final

National Yu 3-1 defeated Japan to advance to Thomas Cup final

2021-10-17 10:28:11Source: China News Network

China News Service, Beijing, October 16th. The Thomas Cup World Men’s Badminton Team Championship ended on the 16th local time in Aarhus, Denmark. The semi-final competition ended in Aarhus, Denmark. The Chinese team defeated the Japanese team 3-1 and advanced to the Soup Cup final.

The Chinese team is the defending Thomas Cup champion, winning a total of 10 times in history. After qualifying from the group with a record of three wins in the Soup Cup this year, the Chinese team defeated the Thai team 3-0 and played against the Japanese team in the semifinals. In the last Thomas Cup competition, the two teams met in the final, and the Chinese team eventually won the Thomas Cup.

In the semi-finals that day, the first singles was played by the top men’s singles players of the two teams. Prior to the Sudirman Cup final, Shi Yuqi defeated the world number one Kento Momota 2:1. When we met again this time, Shi Yuqi was in poor condition. He lost in the first game by 20:22, and in the second game was behind by a big score. When the game reached 5:20, Shi Yuqi announced his retirement.

Shi Yuqi explained after the game that his injury was very serious and he almost “pained everywhere”. At this time, he chose to quit because he didn’t want accidents.

In the second men’s doubles match, He Jiting/Zhou Haodong faced the new Japanese team Watanabe/Takuro. He Jiting/Zhou Haodong previously defeated Takuro Hoki/Yugo Kobayashi in the Sudirman Cup final and scored a key point for the Chinese team.

On the day of the match, Takuro Hoki’s partner was replaced by famous player Yuta Watanabe. The scores of the two sides were bitten in the first game. After 17 ties, the Chinese team scored consecutively, winning 21:17. However, in the second game, the Chinese team was convicted of serving violations many times, and was even shown a yellow card by the referee, which affected the rhythm of the two to some extent. The Japanese team pulled back a game with 21:7.

In the deciding game, He Jiting/Zhou Haodong withstood the pressure and sealed the victory with 21:16, thus defeating the opponent 2:1 and scored a point for the Chinese team. After the game, the two men admitted that the mentality of the second game was affected, and after the score was gradually expanded, they were ready to play the third game, just wanting to get one point back for the team.

After the big score between the two sides came to a 1:1 tie, the third men’s singles was particularly critical. The Chinese team sent the “post-00s” teenager Li Shifeng against the Japanese star Changshan Genta. Li Shifeng is in good shape after defeating Thai star Khunlavut for the first time in his career in the quarter-finals. In the first game, Li Shifeng suppressed Changshan Gantai almost the whole time, and succeeded in killing consecutive points at the critical moment, winning 21:17.

In the second game, Changshan Gantai started with 7:2. Li Shifeng resisted the pressure to achieve a go-ahead. He went 21:15 and defeated his opponent 2:0. He scored the second point for the Chinese team. Li Shifeng said frankly after the game that after winning Kunlavut, his self-confidence skyrocketed. Against Chang Shan Gantai, he withstood the impact of his opponent and played his own level.

In the fourth men’s doubles match, the Tokyo Olympics mixed doubles champion Wang Yilyu partnered with the World Championship men’s doubles champion Liu Cheng. The two have won the 2017 National Games championship together. In the game, the two people did not diminish tacitly and defeated the Japanese combination Koga Teri/Saito Taiichi 21:11, 22:20. In the end, the Chinese team defeated the Japanese team 3-1 and advanced to the Soup Cup final. The opponents in the final will be between the Danish team and the Indonesian team.


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