Nationals seek high price from Yankees for pitcher Max Scherzer

The Nationals Washington have a high price for Yankees if they want the services of Max Scherzer on the MLB.

It’s only a matter of time before the Washington Nationals decide to start selling their best players because they have little chance of competing for the playoffs.

Your best player to sell without a doubt is Max Scherzer, who has been a two-time Cy Young and six-time all-star, has a great experience in the playoffs and is what the Yankees.

It is rumored that Yankees they must be willing to part with one of their two best prospects, such as Deivi García or Jasson Domínguez.

It is very likely that the Bronx Mules will decide to trade Deivi Garcia before their most coveted 5 million prospect, Jasson Dominguez.

How well has Deivi García been?

2021 has not been very good for the Dominican, because in the Minor Leagues he has not yet won his first victory and his effectiveness is above 5.00 in less than 40 innings.

Garcia is a young player with many projections in the MLB, however, the ambition of a World Series of the Yankees be more than patience.

This season, Scherzer has a 5-3 record with a 2.22 ERA in 77 innings pitched with 104 strikeouts.

Here the report:

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