Natural disaster in Pakistan: Save the Children sees five-fold increase in requests for help

The organization Save the Children said that the requests for help from the people affected by the disasters due to the heavy rains have increased fivefold.

Monsignor Joji Vadakara, Vatican City

The Save the Children organization has reported that requests for help from hundreds of thousands of people who have been left homeless by floods in Pakistan after more than a month of heavy rains have increased. About three and a half crore people, including one and a half crore children, had to leave their homes due to this severe natural disaster.

Save the Children, which provides food, emergency shelter and medical care to affected families, along with other organizations, said they were running a “race against time” and called on governments to provide the funding they needed. In the present situation, the United Nations had decided to increase the financial assistance given to Pakistan from 160 million dollars to 816 million dollars. Save the Children stated that this will help various organizations and the government of Pakistan to deal with the crisis in the health sector.

The organization informed that many children have already been affected by diseases like cholera, dengue etc. in many places. According to a new report by the organization, nearly 70 percent of households in crisis live in the open. One in five people do not have access to drinking water.

Khurram Gondal, director of Save the Children Pakistan, said that although the flood levels are receding in many places, hundreds of thousands of people are still living in dire straits and many hospitals are overflowing with patients.

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