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much summermosquitoif you want to use natural methodsmosquito repellentyou can choose Chinese herbal medicine according to your personal preference and make your own Chinese medicine bag.Traditional Chinese medicines that have mosquito repellent effects include: Artemisia argyi, Nepeta, Fangfeng, Mint, Clove, Shichangpu, Honeysuckle, Patchouli, Atractylodes, Amomum, Angelica Radix, tangerine peel, etc. Non-Chinese medicines have mosquito repellent effects: citronella, lemon leaves, orange peel. Choose 5 to 6 types from the above materials, 10 grams each, put them in a tea bag or a soup fish bag and tie them tightly (the material will be more effective when powdered), and the mosquito repellent bag can be carried with you. If used at home or indoors, the material weight can be increased by 2 to 3 times.

Precautions for using traditional Chinese medicine kits to repel mosquitoes:

‧Do not let children touch the traditional Chinese medicine package. Although the amount of medicinal materials is small and non-toxic, care must be taken to prevent children from accidentally eating them.

‧If it is used at home or indoors, it can be placed under tables and chairs or near the bed, because people are most likely to be bitten by mosquitoes when they are stationary.

‧The traditional Chinese medicine bag can be used for about a week. If the smell weakens, you can rub the traditional Chinese medicine bag.

Source: Registered TCM physician Ye Libin

Practical information on mosquito control:

Homemade Chinese medicine mosquito repellent bag is easy to carry for adults and children[Video]

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