Natural recipes to gain weight safely.. if you suffer from thinness

While many struggle with excess weight, others have a problem with being too thin, which makes their appearance unhealthy and unattractive. The reasons for not gaining weight are many, including high levels of stress, unhealthy eating habits, eating irregular meals, and genetic factors, and this problem can be treated by following natural recipes for weight gain, which we review in this report, according to the website.stylecraze“.

Natural recipes for weight gain: Ginger

Ginger helps stimulate appetite, so it is recommended to eat it before any meal, by preparing cutting half a fresh ginger stick into large pieces or grating it in water, then boiling the mixture of ginger and water for a few minutes, then filtering it and eating it cold before eating any meal.

Dates and milk for weight gain

Dry dates and milk help to gain weight, as dates contain a high percentage of vitamins, and are a source of protein, sugar, energy and vitamins that help you lose weight. gain muscle Enough without gaining weight, but eating dates with milk helps to increase body weight.

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Butter and sugar for weight gain

It is recommended to take a tablespoon of clarified butter and mix it well with a tablespoon of sugar, and eat this mixture on a daily basis at least half an hour before lunch or dinner on an empty stomach, which helps to gain weight over time.

Natural recipes for weight gain

peanut butter for weight gain

addition Peanut Butter To the daily breakfast, it helps to increase body weight within a month, as peanuts contain a high percentage of fatty acids, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and high calories.

dried fruits for weight gain

Dry fruits, nuts, and seeds help increase body weight. Nuts, nut butters, and dried fruits (such as dates, apricots, and prunes) are good sources of protein and vitamin E And monounsaturated fats, and chopped dry fruits can be added as an addition to several dishes or add nut butter to bread to eat it.

Natural ways to gain weight


potatoes for weight gain

It is recommended to add potatoes to the daily diet, as it helps to increase body weight, because it is rich in carbohydrates. It is also recommended to grill or bake it with butter or fry it in oil, or prepare mashed potatoes with butter or cheese with the addition of some meat to make a balanced snack of carbohydrates.


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