natural remedies to lift them without surgery

Drooping eyelids can occur in one or both eyes, depending on the cause that produces it. Sometimes, this condition does not allow you to open your eyes normally, so vision can be affected.

In addition, for many people it can represent an aesthetic problem. Among its causes is the excess skin of the upper eyelid and is almost always due to weakness of the muscle that raises the eyelid, according to Medline Pluswebsite of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Damage to the nerves that control the eyelid muscle or sagging of the skin of the upper eyelids are other causes of droopy eyelids. However, also It can be caused by the normal aging process, something congenital, or the result of injury or disease.

To lift the eyelids, surgery, in most cases, is the most efficient and fastest solution. This is “a type of surgery that is performed to repair droopy eyelids and may consist of the removal of excess skin, muscle and fat,” he explains. Mayo Clinic.

Despite the above, only the doctor can determine the origin of droopy eyelids and if it is necessary to carry out a treatment to counteract it, then drooping eyelids can also be avoided or improved with natural remedies or home tricks.

For example, the portal specialized in beauty Glamour has listed a number of Tricks with which it is possible to slightly lift droopy eyelids:


The middle Panorama indicates that to perform this massage you need a facial oil or a moisturizing cream. These products prevent skin irritation when doing the movements. It is important to do them gently so as not to cause wrinkles or expression lines.

How to do it?

1. Place the thumbs in the lower part of the eye socket.

2. Slide your fingers following the shape of the eyebrows and the socket.

3. Make an upward movement, as if making a “cat” type eyeliner on the eyelid.

4. Leave the tension up for three seconds.

5. This massage should be repeated seven times, three times a week for best results.

Drooping eyelids can be the product of injuries that should be treated by a specialist. – Foto: Getty Images

facial exercises

There are some exercises with the face that can help with this purpose. The Spanish revealed some exercises for the eyelid and the first thing is to put the palms on the forehead and eyelids. Then, with her index finger, she raises her eyebrow towards one hundred and tries to close her eye, but not completely, and the exercise is repeated ten times for each eye.

The second recommendation is to put the fingers of both hands on the forehead and raise the eyebrows ten times.

Home remedies

Due to its significant contribution of antioxidants, water and natural fibers, an apple and honey mask is an effective remedy to delay the loss of firmness that affects the beauty of the eyelids. The necessary ingredients are: an apple and two tablespoons of honey (50 g).

Preparation and use:

1. Cut the apple into several pieces and process in the blender until you get a thick puree.

2. After obtaining the desired texture, mix with the tablespoons of honey.

3. Rub the mask on the eyelid area and leave for 20 to 30 minutes.

4. Then rinse with cold water and repeat its use at least three times a week.

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