Natural way to control blood sugar

Dietitian Mikhail Ginsburg has identified some foods that can be used to lower blood sugar levels and keep them within normal limits. Most of the foods we eat affect blood sugar in one way or another, which negatively affects the general human health.

According to the doctor, eating fish comes at the forefront of these foods; Because it contains omega-3 acids, which stimulate the production of adiponectin, which is responsible for the sensitivity of cells to insulin.

Ginsburg explained that the most prominent foods that raise the level of sugar in the blood and that should be eaten in the narrowest limits or preferably avoided include:

white bread


White Rice

He pointed out that you can choose healthy alternatives that contain complex carbohydrates, such as:

Whole-grain brown bread


Vegetables, especially leafy ones

In order to control blood sugar, the doctor advises eating small amounts of food, leaving small periods of time between meals, but regularly, giving preference to fish over meat, and replacing sunflower oil with olive oil.

It is also beneficial to add more vegetables and herbs to the diet, eat fruit in moderation, and reduce the use of baked goods and cereals that contain simple carbohydrates.

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