“Nature made a mistake. It doesn’t matter if she got it wrong! ” (video)

It is through the program “Special Envoy” on France 2 that Stella, an 8-year-old transgender girl, gives a surprising testimony. From her former first name Lissandre, it was during the first confinement, in March, that the little one announced her discomfort to her parents: she no longer wants to be a boy.

In front of the camera, Stella confides: “I was afraid that Mum would tell me no. Suddenly, I said to myself: ‘Come on, I have to get started, I’m going to get there’ Because if she said no, I was going to say to myself: ‘I’m going to stay until the end like that, by being not well in a boy’s body ‘… ”. The little one shows great maturity. she declares that she does not hold it against nature for having “made a mistake”: “It does not matter if she was wrong. We can fix that (…) and everyone makes mistakes in life ”. “Mum was able to fix that” she resumes.


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