Navalni accuses Putin of ordering his poisoning with novichok

The Russian opponent Alexei Navalni has directly accused the president of his country, Vladimir Putin, of being the one who personally ordered to poison him with the chemical agent novichok to assassinate him and silence him forever. “I affirm that Putin is behind the events“Says the 44-year-old lawyer in an exclusive interview with the weekly ‘Der Spiegel’, in which he emphasizes that” I do not have other versions of the events that occurred. ”

The anti-corruption activist acknowledges, however, that he can only speculate about how the poison was applied to him and it ended up in his body. «It is clear that it is a sophisticated substance that it was applied to an object that only I touched, “says the affected person. On the day of his poisoning, on August 20, Navalni went from his hotel in the Siberian town of Tomsk to the airport to catch a flight to Moscow. An open bottle of water found in his hotel room by the opponent’s collaborators had residues of the toxic agent, according to later analyzes by German researchers.

As for the therapy that the German medical team applied to him in the ‘Charité’, the Berlin University Hospital, to save his life, Alexei Navalni assures that it was nothing more than “A guinea pig”. There are not many people who “it is possible to observe how they survive a poisoning with a toxic agent of military use”, she points out in the interview.

After the attack and at the initiative of the German federal government, the well-known dissident was transferred on August 22 in a coma on board a medicalized plane to the German capital. Although he was discharged from the hospital last week and was able to leave the hospital, he still suffers from the aftermath of the poisoning. The reporters of ‘Der Spiegel’ comment that when it was time to pour a glass of water their hands shook appreciably. «Not out of fear, but because of that thing»Navalni says referring to the poison.

“Transparent” research

The Russian lawyer also assures that his intention is to return to Russia as soon as his recovery in Germany is finished. He does not feel like the “migration shit”, underlines Navalni, who aspires to continue his work denouncing the corruption of the Putin regime in his country and resume his work as soon as possible. «My task now is remain the type who is not afraid. And I am not afraid, “he stated bluntly in the interview with the German weekly. The opponent collapsed and lost consciousness on the commercial plane with which he was flying from Tomsk to Moscow. He saved his life thanks to the quick reaction of the pilots, who made an emergency landing in the city of Omsk, and the doctors at the airport, who recognized the poisoning and immediately applied atropine, the same antidote with which he was subsequently treated. in the «Charité».

After analyzes carried out by a laboratory of the German federal army that confirmed the poisoning with novichok, also confirmed by two independent laboratories In France and Sweden, the government of Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel directly accused the Russian authorities of the attack on Navalni and demanded a “swift and transparent” clarification of the circumstances of the crime. However, Moscow has denied and permanently denies any involvement in the attack on the dissident


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