Navalni files three lawsuits against the prison in which he is

Russian opponent Alexei Navalni, along with his wife.

Defense of Alexei Navalny has presented this monday three lawsuits against the IK-2 prison, in the Vladimir region, where the Russian opponent has been held for four months, as well as against the officials who are in charge of his surveillance.

The complaints have been filed in the court of Petushki, 120 kilometers from Moscow, and in them it is requested that the refusal of the prison to give Navalni “the books it has bought”, in addition to “the actions “of the officials who included” him in the preventive registry as prone to elope “, as well as prior “censorship” of the publications to which you have access.

A little over a week ago, Navalni denounced the penal colony where he is serving a sentence for prevent you from accessing a copy of the Quran after requesting it, as well as another series of books and publications that he had taken with him after his arrest.

Despite the announcement of the defense of the Russian opponent, the Petushki court has reported having no record of such demands, reports the Russian news agency Sputnik.

The opponent is one of the key symbols against Russian President Vladimir Putin and his popularity has grown as a result of the poisoning suffered in August 2020 and the fact that he was imprisoned after his return to Moscow in January to serve a sentence for fraud handed down in 2014.

Navalni maintained for three weeks a hunger strike to protest due to the conditions of his confinement, but he decided to raise the protest last week after doctors in his environment warned that his life was in danger if he maintained the fast.


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