Navalny’s “plan” to get back into the Russian political game

On January 23, demonstrations are planned in a large number of cities in Russia in support of Alexey Navalny, arrested on January 17 while returning from Germany after the poisoning that nearly cost him his life. According to the Russian press, the return of the number one opponent to Vladimir Putin is part of a strategy of studied and powerful political offensive.

“Right now the main genre for writing about politics is movie criticism. The last investigative film by Alexeï Navalny’s team collected more than 40 million views. Its posting was part of the scenario that began with Navalny’s return to his country ”, writes the liberal daily Knowledge.

The video A palace for Putin, broadcast on January 19 by the Anti-Corruption Fund, hosted by the opponent, “Showed nothing new”, estimates the daily. Its success is not due to the factual elements it delivers, most of which are already known, but to a “New language” Politics. Until now, with his hobbyhorse – the fight against corruption -, Navalny attracted the sympathy of the middle class but left the majority of the population indifferent, corruption being “Historically considered the norm” in Russia.

Corruption as a source of inequality

Generally, corruption is seen just as a means of enriching elites, not as “The foundation of social injustice”. Now Navalny starts talking about corruption no longer as a source of mismanagement, but as a source of inequalities. And this theme is much more sensitive for the majority. “By criticizing the


Laurence Habay

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