Nazi planned attack on hospital

An armed terrorist suspect was killed in an FBI operation in the US state of Missouri. Apparently he wanted to hit medical infrastructure with an attack.

According to the FBI, a US neo-Nazi planned a bomb attack on a hospital in the state of Missouri. The 36-year-old Timothy W. was armed and died when the forces attacked, the agency said. Previously, he had been at the center of an anti-terror investigation for months. According to the information, W. was already considering several targets for racist and religious reasons before he made his decision.

According to the FBI, the “current health crisis” was the deciding factor for choosing the hospital as a target. The hospital provides “critical medical care” in the current situation. W. planned to use a vehicle loaded with explosives to cause many victims. He has already taken the necessary steps to get the utensils for it. He was monitored by investigators.

The access in Belton, Missouri, finally took place when W. wanted to pick up the explosive device there. “There wasn’t a real bomb,” said the FBI. The gunman was injured while attempting to arrest. His death was later found in the hospital. Several US media reported the case, citing the FBI.

Investigative journalist Nick R. Martin wrote that the alleged terrorist had connections to two neo-Nazi groups and had worshiped former US right-wing terrorists in chat messages. In the news, W. claimed that the Corona crisis was a “pretext for the government to destroy our people” and orchestrated by Jews as a “grab for power” – and “we are the only ones standing in their way” , Martin quoted the alleged assassin.

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