NBA|Ai Rong refused to get an injection and was banned by the Nets in training games and lost 120 million home players (22:34)-20211013-Sports-Real Time News

New York City stipulates that anyone entering indoor stadiums must be vaccinated with at least one dose of the new crown vaccine, but Ai Rong has always refused to get an injection and can only play in away matches, so he is in a stalemate with the team. The regular season kicks off next Wednesday, and the team finally announced that the star will be banned from playing in the home and away games until he is willing to be vaccinated. It also said that this is the decision of the team manager and class owner Cai Chongxin, and refused to respond positively to whether the main players Durant and Summerden have Participate in decision-making. Ai Rong earns about 380,000 US dollars per game. According to the agreement between the players union and the tournament, the team will only deduct the manpower for its home games. The total of 43 games amounts to 120 million Hong Kong dollars. Ai Rong has not responded to the team’s decision so far.

While the Los Angeles Lakers faced the Golden State Warriors in the preseason, the “Big Three” Le Bon James, Anthony Davis, and Wester Booker “combined” for the first time. Faced with opponents lacking Stephen Curie, they still 99:111 defeat, five consecutive losses in the preseason. “The Great” James scored 17 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, but also recorded 6 turnovers. “Wei Shao” also made 5 turnovers. James said after the game: “We have no problem with our cooperation, but we need It takes time to hit the standard. Failure is part of the process. If you don’t put in your efforts, it’s not worth having success.” The Lakers beat the Sacramento Kings tomorrow morning and will make their first strike in the regular season next Wednesday to fight the Warriors.

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