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“Yonghu Battle”! The Los Angeles Lakers will face the Golden State Warriors in one of the NBA playoffs of this season. The top stars of the two teams LeBron James and Stephen Curry have played against the championship games in the past few seasons. This ball is also more eye-catching. . Next, let’s analyze the strength of the two teams and what is the key to winning?

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Because the Lakers are high seeds, let’s start with the Lakers.

The key to the Lakers’ victory is of course LeBron. Rather than LeBron, perhaps LeBron’s ankle is more appropriate. According to past news, and the situation in the last two games should be healed, this is definitely a big plus for the Lakers.

LeBron’s influence on the team doesn’t need me to say more. Whether it is the offense or organization of the team, he needs to be in charge of it. Furthermore, considering that in addition to LeBron, Dennis Schroder is the only qualified ball holder outside the Lakers. Although Schroder is a qualified ball holder, there is still a significant gap in influence compared with LeBron. LeBron’s health and The state he can show is the biggest key to how far the Lakers can go in the playoffs and even the playoffs.

Then talk about Anthony Davis. After the start of the season, Davis can make people feel that his performance on the court is a bit worse than in the past, which can be seen from a few basic statistics. Davis’ performance was not stable in the first few games after returning from injury, but since facing the Blazers, his enthusiasm on both ends of the offense and defense has increased significantly. Davis’s performance is also directly related to the team’s victory and defeat. relationship.

In addition to the status of LBJ, the Lakers’ hidden worries are also the problem of running-in.

Since the two major players have missed at least one month in this season, and Drummond, who has made up, is positioned as a starter, in short, the three most important players of the Lakers have played very few games together. Count, last season’s Clippers have had a lesson from the poor lineup, no matter how deep they are, it’s hard to make up for it. The Lakers may be quite tricky in this regard, and because the run-in cannot be completed overnight, this problem is likely to bother them. Playoffs.

Then came the Warriors.

When the Warriors started the season, they really played terribly, as if the team couldn’t win as long as Stephen Curry didn’t explode. However, as the season deepened, other core players gradually entered the state. Whether it was Kelly Oubre or Andrew Wiggins, who played three-pointers in the opening season, there are signs of recovery. The Warriors’ record has gradually stabilized with the rebound of the main players, but There is still a considerable hidden concern behind this, that is, they still rely too much on Curry.

When Curry was on the court, the team’s NETG was as high as 4.6, but it was -5.6 when off the court. This is a gap of more than 10 points. Maybe it seems that if Curry is not on the court, the Warriors are basically finished. In my opinion, This problem will not be so obvious after entering the playoffs, for the following reasons:

After entering the playoffs, the main players’ playing time usually increases. We don’t care how long Curry will play, but at least he stays on the court for more time to help the team. Yes, maybe for him. His stamina will have an impact, but Curry’s function is definitely not only offensive, attracting defense is also a major skill of his.

The key is that the Warriors will have to hold the point difference when Curry is off the court, but it will be simpler than the regular season. As mentioned earlier, Curry’s rest time will definitely be short. Compared to the Lakers with LBJ and double AD, the Warriors are the team that has no room for error. The Lakers rely on LBJ, yes, but they can let Davis and LBJ take turns to lead the team. Both can bring the team on the court. Positive contributions are just more than less.

Next, I think there is another person that cannot be ignored, that is Draymond Green. The team can win 5.4 points when Green is on the court, and the team will lose 5.1 points when it goes down. Green’s role cannot be ignored. Although many people will complain about his poor offensive ability and so on, but at least from the data point of view, he brings Influence and Curry are indistinguishable. How to deploy Curry and Green’s playing time is a major issue for the Warriors to win.

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