NBA: Anthony Davis rejects contract with Los Angeles Lakers and is free agent

Starting at noon on Monday, November 16, the low season of the National Basketball Association (NBA), where the pass market will start, where a star protagonist will be power forward Anthony Davis, who has resigned from his current contract with Los angeles lakers and it will become free agent.

The information was confirmed by Chris Haynes, from Yahoo Sports, who pointed out that this Sunday, the champion with the lagoons in the past contest he rejected the player option he had in his bond, for $ 28.7 million, to become a player without a team and without restrictions to negotiate.

However, NBA teams have no chance of being able to go for Davis, since it has been confirmed that when the new contracts with players can finally be signed, that is, from the Friday, November 20, his continuity in the Lakers will be ratified.

Davis, will he stay with the Lakers?

There is no doubt that The Brow will finally continue in the gold and purple franchise for a long time, being the perfect partner for LeBron James; However, there is a great doubt in the environment, and it is how long your bond will last.

The journalistic versions suggest that the Lakers will offer him five years of contract with a lucrative salary of $ 189.9 million; However, the intention of Davis and his agent Rich Paul, the same Rey, would be to have a 1 + 1 contract (second year of player option) in order to match his contract with the NBA Finals MVP.

Although the possibility of signing a 2 + 1 bond would not be ruled out either, so that in 2022, when he has been in the league for 10 years, can be selected to receive 35 percent of the salary cap versus 30% you can receive today.


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