NBA: Daniel Theis forgives victory against Lakers – Mavericks in crisis

In an exciting classic, the Lakers narrowly prevailed at the Celtics. In Dallas, however, there is a crisis. An overview.

Had the chance in the classic to decide the game in favor of the Celtics: Daniel Theis.

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Boston Celtics – Los Angeles Lakers 95:96

After two defeats in a row, the Los Angeles Lakers scored a prestigious victory shortly before the end of their trip to the east coast – and made it as exciting as possible. In the classic at the Boston Celtics it went back and forth, both Anthony Davis (27 points / 14 rebounds / 2 assists) and LeBron James (21/7/7) were there for the Lakers. On the other hand, Boston could rely on Jayson Tatum (30/9/3) and Jaylen Brown (28/1/3).

When the score was 96:95 in favor of the Lakers, the Celtics got the ball again and with it the chance to win, but first Kemba Walker missed a jumper, and Daniel Theis did not manage to accommodate the subsequent rebound in the basket. So it was the defending champion’s 15th win of the season.

Phoenix Suns – Dallas Mavericks 111:105

After four defeats in a row, the Dallas Mavericks in Phoenix showed a strong reaction for a long time. The Texans, without Kristaps Porzingis and, as always, led by Luka Doncic (29/8/7), were already comfortably in the lead in the third quarter, but then allowed the Suns to run 15-2 and ended up getting empty again. With their 8:12 record, the Mavs are currently far from the play-offs.

San Antonio Spurs – Memphis Grizzlies 112:129

For the first time since January 18, the Memphis Grizzlies were allowed to run again on Saturday evening (local time) and did not appear rusty at all. The young team from Tennessee, which had been out of action for so long due to corona contacts, prevailed confidently against the experienced San Antonio Spurs (seven players scored double-digit points) and is in fifth place in the Western Conference despite the numerous game cancellations.

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