NBA Draft 2020 James Wiseman was chosen by the Golden State Warriors for the 2021 season

In the mind of James Wiseman I was just being chosen in the NBA Draft 2020 And although the NCAA suspended the center for 12 games due to eligibility issues, the center is one of the best prospects that fans of the Golden State Warriors.

At 2.16 meters and 110 kilos, Wiseman was born on March 31, 2001 and because of the skills shown in collegiate basketball in the United States, ESPN named him the best prospect in all of North America heading into the NCAA with the University of Memphis.

Wiseman’s numbers do not reflect his abilities since due to the legal issues (suspension) mentioned he only managed to average 19.7 points, 10.7 rebounds, 3 blocks and 77% from the field in just 23 minutes of action. For that reason, the new Golden State Warriors center has been inactive since December.

James Wiseman’s strengths

The main strengths of James Wiseman go through his physical and athletic conditions since at the height and explosion that has him adds, speed, agility and fluidity that give her long arms. There was no better prospect in the draft who had these conditions.

Like a center of yesteryear, James Wiseman achieves the most points he scores at the time of the definition of the play in the low post: a great play finisher. With 20-25 in doubles during all three games at Memphis, the center showed how dangerous he is near the rim.


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