NBA | Kyrie Irving would never play for the Brooklyn Nets again and would never debut with James Harden and Kevin Durant

Brooklyn Nets has just experienced one of the best days in its history, as it has just confirmed the arrival of one of the best players in the entire NBA. James Harden was traded from Houston Rockets and will join Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, although the second of these could stay out all season.

Irving is having a difficult time again. As in those moments in Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics and even last season with the Nets, the guard is again involved in discouraging rumors and his future in 2021 are not the best.

According to different sources, Irving maintains a distant relationship with the entire franchise, in addition to having practically no conversations with Kevin Durant. As if that were not enough, it was known that the point guard is upset after not having had any interference in the selection of the coach, so I would not be happy with Steve Nash.

Kyrie Irving would miss the entire NBA season

“The Brooklyn Nets were always interested in acquiring James Harden, but the deal became imperative in light of the situation with Kyrie Irving. Kyrie is willing to spend the year if necessary, say those close to him “Jason Dumas warned, in a statement that is shocking.

The reasons are those mentioned above, although to tell the truth they seem to have a solution. However, this is Irving, who has had bad relationships in all previous franchises. For the moment, the Brooklyn Nets trident is not ready to start playing anytime soon and may never do so.


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