NBA | New York Knicks did not have Chris Paul because of the coronavirus

Chris Paul had his NBA season of vindication in 2019-20 with Oklahoma City Thunder, after a previous one with the Houston Rockets where he did not perform anything than expected. The owner of the Texas franchise, Tilman Fertita, called that maximum contract the worst in sports history.

The NBA always gives revenge and so it happened with the guard. CP3 became fundamental in the structure of the Thunder raising their level to a very high bar leading the franchise to fight in the playoffs. For that reason, Paul earned several teams interested in his services again as they did a few years ago.

The reality shows that the 35-year-old player signed with the Phoenix Suns thanks to an exchange, although his fate could easily have been another. In fact, it was revealed that he didn’t end up bowing to the New York Knicks due to one simple reason: could not count on the support of the fans who print Madison Square Garden, due to coronavirus precautions.

Chris Paul did not sign for New York Knicks due to coronavirus

Matt Barnes, Chris Paul’s former teammate on the Los Angeles Clippers, revealed: “We were arguing like, ‘Hey, where are you going to go?’ And he said the Knicks were an option, but, you know, if he was going to New York he wanted the full Knicks experience, which meant he wanted the fans, he wanted the essence, he wanted the vibe of that Madison Square crowd. Garden. And going there now, you know, we don’t know if that crowd will ever come back. ”

Undoubtedly, the figure of CP3 in the Knicks would have been an absolute impact, but the truth is that it also has to do with sports. In Phoenix Suns he will play alongside a player of the caliber of Devin Booker, with whom you can mate to aspire to interesting things


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