NBA: our prognosis for Detroit Pistons

NBA 2020-2021 – After a mixed start to the season with 4 wins in 8 games, Rudy Gobert’s Utah Jazz has stepped up a gear. Indeed, their victory last night against the New York Knicks (108 – 94) allows them to garner one more victory, the 9th in a row.

Despite the attacks and spikes sent to Utah players by NBA analysts and consultants, the players have once again proven that they are there in this regular season. With this new victory, the Utah Jazz are currently the dolphins of the Lakers, with one game overdue. Led by a Donovan Mitchell furious lately, they are almost unplayable. Moreover, with a Mike Conley who orchestrates this team well, and players focused on their franchise and not the All-Star Game, everything seems to be working right now, and the results prove it. Atlanta, Denver, Milwaukee, nothing is stopping them now.

A more efficient defense

The current success of this franchise seems to have a clear reason. Indeed, Jazz is the 3rd best defense in the league at the start of the season. Unlike last season, the players of Quin Snyder are involved and the defensive systems are well executed. This team seems to have taken the measure of the small ball. With players like Royce O’Neale, Mike Conley and Donovan Mitchell, the external defense is very mobile and the internal work of Bogdanović and of Gobert is very valuable.

Furthermore, the shooting success of this team is enormous. The latter allows them to be devilishly effective in attack, and in particular at 3 points with 4 good shooters in the 5 major. Their cheeky success behind the arc is 40%. This high percentage is, quite simply, the second in the league behind the Clippers. This team is alive, changing but also efficient, and that makes this team one of the favorites of this conference. The spectacle in this Western conference is, for the moment, assured!

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