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The Warriors lost 95-134 in their game against the Grizzlies today.  …


Game Summery

At the beginning of the game, it can be seen that the Grizzlies have done a better job in limiting Curry and Thompson. Many balls were forced to be handed over to Wiggins or Kuminga in the end, and Kuminga was also a slightly less experienced player, causing many times. Mistake!

Besides, the Warriors made too many unnecessary mistakes. There were several offensive fouls at the beginning of the first quarter, which was equivalent to giving the opponent the ball in vain!

The Warriors’ offense at the beginning of the game was mostly singles. This is a small warning sign. This is not the usual style of play the Warriors are familiar with. The failure of the pass-and-cut system is the key to whether the Warriors can continue in the foreign exchange market.

However, the Grizzlies lacked Morant and the ball-handling level was weakened. They should defend well and succeed in singles. They still attacked in the middle of the first quarter. That’s it after the first stanza.

In addition, Adams was more influential in this game, and offensive rebounding also caused more trouble for the Warriors.

At the end of the first quarter, the Warriors 28-38 Grizzlies


The Warriors put Looney on in the second quarter, trying to protect more rebounds, but Clarke grabbed the offensive rebound as soon as he came up, and Green came back in three minutes.

The Warriors didn’t catch the score, and the opponent successfully used the Split Action tactic to open the back door…

The zone defense was very effective in the first few games, but today the opponent has increased the hit rate, and the effect has become worse.

The Warriors scored consecutive goals against the opponent, plus they didn’t score, and the point difference officially came to 20 points, especially in this gap…

In addition, today’s Warriors generals can’t limit their scoring points, Bane, Jones and others have opened up, especially when they repeatedly messed up in the penalty area, creating a lot of easy free throw opportunities!

Halftime, Warriors 50-77 Grizzlies


In the third quarter, when the difference reached 30 points, the Warriors put on Bjelica, who had been abandoned for a long time, and made a three-pointer as soon as they came up.

As a result, today’s Grizzlies are really On Fire, how can they shoot, the difference is 40 points, and because of this, the Warriors slowly replaced the main players Curry, Green, and Thompson.

At the same time, they also replaced Kuminga and Moody, but the score difference just couldn’t stop the Grizzlies’ strong outside firepower. The score difference was directly 50 points difference. Yes, that’s right, they lost in the second round of the playoffs. to 50 points difference.

At the end of the third quarter, the Warriors 67-119 Grizzlies


Shuangcai and Lee both performed well in the fourth quarter, but this is reserved for the part of the outstanding players.

In the end, the Warriors 95-134 Grizzlies


Post-match commentary

In this game, from the perspective of the book, the first one is that the mistakes are too exaggerated. The team made 22 mistakes. The Warriors lost 29 points because of these 22 mistakes. The Grizzlies are one of the teams that can resolve the passing and cutting system. As you can notice from the last game, they are very good at disrupting the Warriors’ pass path, and can only say that they were lucky and did not cause much damage.

Next, it’s the offensive rebounding part. The Grizzlies grabbed 18 offensive rebounds in the whole game. I think this is the influence of Adams, and other people have a way to fight for these offensive rebounds. Or maybe, the Warriors can still Consider putting OPJ in the starter to protect the rebound, otherwise it’s not a good idea to always have Kuminga play fake starters.

In the end, the author thinks that the most worrying thing in this game is the inability to limit the opponent’s scoring points with the ball. Today, Bane, Jones and Jackson Jr. all scored 21 points, plus 4 other players scored in double figures. With more points, the Grizzlies couldn’t hold the fire at all today. Losing 134 points in the whole game is obviously unqualified.

But as the author’s title says, losing is not necessarily a bad thing, because Brown is a coach who trusts his main rotation very much. The previous game was considered a bit overrun by several main players, not to mention the last game until the end of the fourth quarter. , the playoffs schedule is very tight, so it is acceptable to let the main team rest a little.

It’s just that, after this big defeat, the momentum is now turning to the young Grizzlies. For the Warriors, it must be in G6 and clean up the series at their own home. Otherwise, they will hit G7 and the more vigorous Grizzlies. It’s certainly not an optimistic thing for the Warriors.

Looking forward to the G6 soup to save the sluggish warriors.

NY Times

top performer

As mentioned earlier, the performance of Shuangcai is worth mentioning, which can be regarded as making people see more hope for the future!

First of all, Kuminga took 3-4 mid-range turnaround jumpers in this game and hit 1-2 of them, which is very rare in the season, and has the opportunity to become one of his weapons in the future. Bravely shot these shots, right At the beginning of his career, the pros outweighed the cons.

For Moody’s part, the author thinks that he has regained his confidence in his excellent performance in 2.3 months. He has a lot of decisive shot choices. In terms of his growth curve, in addition to shot choices, decisive shots are also very important, congratulations He regained his confidence!

In addition, I think the most important thing is that they still maintain a focused defensive attitude even in the garbage time that has nothing to do with winning or losing. This is what I think is the most important point.


The above is the post-game analysis of the Warriors Grizzlies playoffs G5. If you like it, you can bookmark it, or even click on the fan club!

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