NBA Playoffs – Atlanta Hawks equalize without Trae Young: Next Man Up as a religion

The Atlanta Hawks managed to equalize against the Milwaukee Bucks even without their best player. Suddenly there is a lot to speak for the team that has been written off so often – also thanks to someone who was supposedly rejected.

It didn’t speak much for Atlanta. In any case, the Hawks had started as a clear underdog in the series, as they had against Philadelphia before, but now the main reason why this status had not played a major role was missing. Trae Young tried to bite his teeth but failed to get fit in time and had to watch the game from the sidelines.

It speaks for this Hawks team that they did not let that deter them and that this game was openly designed even before Giannis Antetokounmpo was injured. Atlanta may not have been the bookies’ favorite, but in front of a very noisy crowd at the State Farm Arena, the Hawks were far from scared from the start. On the contrary.

Without their leader, the Hawks were more confident, courageous and consistent than their opponents, who had apparently been served this series on a silver platter in Game 4. No one embodied this more in the dominant 110:88 win than Lou Williams – nor someone like that who was already written off during this season.

Hawks vs. Bucks, Game 4: Here are the highlights of the game.

Lou Williams thought about retirement

In fact, it wasn’t long ago that Williams himself considered retiring. During the season, his long-time employer, the LA Clippers, traded him and picks for Rajon Rondo to Atlanta.

In Los Angeles it had been decided that a more natural playmaker and better defender like Rondo would have a higher value in the playoffs than the incarnate Microwave Williams.

He took it personally, but he also accepted the challenge and tried to support the franchise player since arriving in Atlanta. “He accepted it. He knew that Trae was the future of this organization,” said Nate McMillan. “He’s been really happy to be a mentor to Trae, to show him things. He really sacrificed a lot to help us.”


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