NBA: the best free agents still available this Sunday

The free agency of the NBA It officially started during the week and, while it does not have the star agents from last season or those who may be in the next, the truth is that there have been interesting movements. However, there are still several players without any franchise.

The players released have made unexpected signatures, such as the emblematic case of Montrezl Harrell. The inmate moved from the California sidewalk and went from Los Angeles Clippers a Los angeles lakers, surprising locals and strangers. His agreement was for 2 years and 19 million dollars.

The Clippers should have investigated the market thoroughly, but they have already found his replacement. In the early hours of Sunday Serge Ibaka confirmed to be a Clippers player, after having reached a agreement for two years and 19 million dollars. Ibaka will meet again with Kawhi Leonard, with whom he was champion in Toronto Raptors.

The best free agents available

Although he confirmed that he would return to the Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis You have not yet signed your maximum contract with the franchise. For that reason, He remains a free agent until he signs or is informed that he has finally reached an agreement. Without a doubt, something that reveals to the fans of the team.

Brandon Ingram is a restricted free agent, as is Bogdan Bodanovic, which means that any team offer you an offer, New Orleans Pelicans O Sacramento Kings can qualify it. The Serbian guard came close to going to Milwaukee Bucks, but for the moment it fell. Now, sounds in Indiana Pacers, while Ingram only has the interest of the Pelicans.

DeMarcus Cousins ​​has dealt with various injuries in recent years, but he is still an interesting free player to sign for the minimum number of veterans. If in some way he finds regularity, he would give a lot in return for sportsmanship to the one who has bet on him. By last, Reggie Jackson also has no team after passing through the Los Angeles Clippers, But it could be the missing piece of any franchise.


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