NBA | The day LaVar Ball, LaMelo’s father, said he would destroy Michael Jordan in a one-on-one

LaVar Ball was always a particular character, but what surely he would never have imagined is that his son would play in the franchise of Michael Jordan. Ball always preferred team lights like Los angeles lakers, but LaMelo was selected in the third position of the 2020 Draft by Charlotte Hornets.

The Hornets were smart and they got a player that has been talked about for several years, even in high school. LaMelo is uniquely talented and may be able to build a badly hit franchise, as long as management starts to make things better. and don’t waste on poorly paid contracts.

In this context, LaVar will enter, who as a father has always been involved in the careers of his children. Lonzo has already suffered it in his own flesh and now it will be LaMelo’s turn. However, the unexpected is a phrase that Ball Sr. launched a while ago, when he expressed that he would defeat Michael Jordan in a one-on-one duel.

Michael Jordan was challenged by LaVar Ball

In an interview with The Players Tribune in April this year, LaVar insisted that “In a 1v1, he would kill Jordan, even in his prime.” Lonzo, LaMelo and LiAngelo’s father suggested that he might not be able to with the template Chicago Bulls complete, but in a heads up he would beat Jordan “Very fast and strong.”

LaVar Ball must swallow his words nowOr face Michael Jordan on the Charlotte Hornets track. There is no doubt that they will have enough time to do so and, knowing His Majesty’s competitiveness, it would be difficult to understand if that did not end up happening.


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