NBA/Use three-pointers to write a diary! The top two consecutive three-pointers in the NBA record are Stephen Curry


Do you know how long it has been since Stephen Curry didn’t make a three-pointer in the game last time?

The answer is that on November 8, 2018, Corey was facing the Bucks at the time. He retired early due to injury after only 26 minutes of playing, leaving a record of 0 shots from the outside.

However, in 129 consecutive games since then, Corey has made at least one three-pointer, which is the second best record in NBA history. As for the number one, it is none other than Corey’s own 157 consecutive games.

It is worth mentioning that, so far, only Corey and Korver (Kyle Korver, 127 consecutive games) have reached a record of at least 100 consecutive three-pointers in NBA history.

In the game against the Lakers on November 4, 2016, Corey made 10 of 0 from outside the field, ending the record of 157 consecutive three-pointers. However, in the next game where the record could not be maintained, Corey immediately rebounded. Scored 13 three-pointers to break the NBA record at that time.

Corey, who can be called a diary with three-pointers, has played 766 regular games in his career so far, only 38 games have not left a three-pointer record, and 21 of them are from the first two seasons of his career. If from 2014- Calculated in the 15 season so far, Corey has not made three-pointers in only 6 of 430 regular games.

As long as Corey is healthy, of course, he has a good chance to rewrite his best record this season. If estimated according to the current progress of averaging 4.5 three-pointers per game, Corey will exceed the record while chasing consecutive games. Che Allen (Ray Allen), has become the NBA historical three-pointer, the current gap between the two is only 123.

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