NBA: when LeBron James brings out of the stands two spectators who provoke him

Lunar scene Wednesday night in the NBA. A man and a woman sitting in the front row of the Indiana Pacers floor have been ordered out of their seats at the request of LeBron James. Obviously very focused on the chamber and the second degree, the two individuals were not made pray under the eye of the cameras, the young woman even mimicking fake tears to mock this decision.

But then what prompted the basketball star to improvise as a bouncer and ask the referee to eject those two spectators? We don’t know exactly. “Nothing is insurmountable for me, but there is a difference between encouraging your players, whistling your opponents or not wanting them to succeed. And then there are times when it goes overboard with obscene gestures and words. It should not be tolerated by anyone. It’s something I will never tell a fan and a fan should never tell a player, ”said LeBron James after the meeting.

This collision, which occurred in full overtime, did not prevent the leader of the Lakers from making his best game of the season. James, suspended the day before against the Knicks after his blow to the face of a player from Detroit, Isaiah Stewart on Sunday, showed his best level with 39 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists. The Lakers star had thought of offering the victory to his team with a shot behind the arc at the end of the 4th quarter, but Indiana rookie, Chris Duarte (17 pts), equalized 5 seconds from the buzzer.

“King” James then made short work of the Pacers in overtime by returning three decisive shots including two 3 points, and allowed himself a few dance steps to celebrate this. Enough to revive his team somewhat, 9th in the Western Conference and author of a disappointing start to the season.

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