NCAA publishes guidelines for returning to campus

A week after the NCAA decided to lift a moratorium on sports activities and enable teams to open facilities as early as Monday, the organization released its guidelines on Friday to help schools help athletes return during a pandemic to enable on campus.

The guidelines – officially referred to as university social rehabilitation: action plan considerations – include social detachment, disinfection of common areas and surfaces, staying at home if you feel sick, and self-quarantine before you return to campus, as well as other recommendations health guidelines are compatible with the public.

Numerous schools have drawn up plans to enable athletes to return to campus facilities such as: B. testing and measuring the temperature of athletes, trainers and employees, social distance and cleaning and disinfection facilities.

After Friday’s guidelines were published, however, several schools announced dates for the planned first return of athletes to campus.

The University of North Carolina has released its athletics roadmap for fall 2020. The school announced that football and men’s and women’s basketball coaches and football players, as well as soccer players, could return to the facility for COVID-19 testing on June 12. The physical condition in the team facilities may begin three days later.

The University of Arizona announced that athletes can return to campus on June 15 for voluntary training sessions, starting with soccer players. This is the earliest possible time when Pac-12 members can return athletes to campus for training, the conference said earlier this week.

The Southeastern Conference enables schools to volunteer from June 8, while Big 12 football programs allow volunteer workouts from June 15. The Big Ten and Atlantic Coast conferences each left workout decisions to specific schools.

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One of the Big Ten schools will open its facilities as early as possible as the University of Nebraska will welcome athletes back to campus starting Monday. According to a school publication, football, volleyball, soccer, women’s basketball and men’s basketball players will be the first to return to campus, and the teams will train “gradually over the coming weeks”.

“The plan we have developed is based on the safety of our student athletes, coaches, staff and the community as a top priority,” said Bill Moos, Nebraska Sports Director, in a statement. “We have a strict protocol that includes quarantines, tests, and detailed cleaning and security measures. The applicable guidelines are strictly followed when our student athletes return to prepare for their upcoming season.”

The college football season is slated to begin in late August. However, the decision as to whether this schedule remains unchanged and whether fans can participate in the games has not yet been made.

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