nearly 24,000 new cases and 321 deaths in 24 hours

France passed the threshold of one million people vaccinated against the coronavirus on Saturday, but hospital pressure remained strong, although stable compared to the day before, with more than 25,800 hospitalized patients, including nearly 2,900 in intensive care.

The exact number of people hospitalized in France due to Covid-19 disease stood at 25,864 on Saturday, a level almost unchanged from the day before (25,872). Hospital admissions in the past 24 hours were 1,174 (1,861 the day before), according to figures from Public Health France.

Among these patients, 2,886 were in intensive care units (where the most serious cases are received), against 2,902 on Friday. 172 patients have been transferred to sheaves in the past 24 hours, compared to 270 on Friday.

One million vaccinated

In total, the Ministry of Health counted on Saturday evening 1,008,720 people having received the first dose of the vaccine against the virus responsible for the disease, since the start of the vaccination campaign four weeks ago.

With 321 new deaths in hospital in 24 hours, Covid-19 has now caused the death of 72,877 (including 50,901 in hospital, the others most often in nursing homes).

The positivity rate of those tested was 7.1%, against 7% on Friday, the highest since early December.

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