Nearly 650 km of range for the new generation hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai

From the first glance, we notice that Toyota has redesigned the silhouette of its Mirai by moving away from the style of the Prius and by approaching the Lexus design, to offer a line as pleasant and aggressive.

On the technical side, Toyota has reworked its fuel cell, which is gaining power, from 114 to 128 kW, while reducing its size, which has the advantage of being able to increase the size of the fuel cells from 4.6 kg. to 5.6 kg. The result of this new configuration allows the Mirai to offer a range of 400 miles, or approximately 645 km.

To promote its development, Toyota has also revised its price. If the first version was offered at $ 60,000, the new Mirai will be offered $ 10,000 cheaper, or $ 50,000, a reduction of nearly 20% of its initial price.

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