Nearly 700 jobs cut at Fedex-TNT in Liège

From a union source, Free has learned that 671 jobs out of 1,826 are in the process of being cut on the Fedex-TNT site at Liège airport. Information which has been confirmed by the management of Fedex. “It’s huge and we don’t understand this management decision “, explains a source. The Renault Law was announced with layoffs from the first quarter of 2022. According to the unions, these layoffs have nothing to do with the Covid-19 crisis. On the contrary, the air freight sector is booming at the moment with, among other things, the transport of medical equipment and vaccines, as well as the explosion of online commerce. “There were prospects for the future and the group also ended the year on a positive note “, we are told.

As a reminder, the American freight giant Fedex bought the Dutch TNT in 2016, present for years in Liège via its Belgian subsidiary TNT Airways. But this integration “goes wrong” Liege. But this collective dismissal is not only the result of synergies desired by management: Fedex-TNT will also limit its activities in Belgium. It also comes back to us that the group’s aircraft capacity would drop from around forty to around fifteen at Bierset airport. Liège would thus become a “secondary” European hub after Paris Charles de Gaulle.

Redirecting forces to Paris

According to the proposals presented today, the FedEx Roissy-Charles de Gaulle hub would serve as the main hub connecting all European flight points and connecting European customers to the rest of the world. The Liège air hub would function as a secondary hub, offering flexibility and continuing to provide excellent customer service all year round “, confirms Fedex management in a press release. “This would unfortunately lead to a possible reduction in the workforce by 671 jobs at the Liège air hub. For 861 staff at the same airport, this could mean a change in working hours and in the number of working hours”. These synergies between Fedex and TNT in Europe will have “unfortunately repercussions on the workforce of 5,500 to 6,300 people in operational teams and in support functions “, adds the management of Fedex.

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