Nearly 9 out of 10 executives want to leave Paris. A professional exodus?

Containment has changed work habits of the French and in particular of Parisian executives. A recent poll confirms this reality and even highlights their desire to leave the capital.

After the strikes of last December, confinement reinforced the feeling of a degraded living environment. But with the generalization of teleworking, this period of forced confinement also and above all enabled them to understand that they could work outside their professional premises.

Parisian executives want to leave the capital

Result of the situation, the executives of the Paris region want, to 84% of them leave the capital. The survey conducted by the Cadremploi website confirms this overwhelming majority of those who seek to live elsewhere. But it is no longer, as it may have been the case in the past, a wishful thinking, since almost a managers in 3 (32%) are already engaged in active researchwhether it’s a matter of changing jobs or waiting for a transfer.

Unsurprisingly, we learn that these moving candidates are mainly motivated by a daily stress reduction (75 %), the ambition to better protect their personal life (62%) and by the desire to reduce daily financial charges (62%).

A will in the process of turning into reality?

Aware of the reality of the country’s economic life, these Parisian executives are even ready to consider retraining (61%) and even one pay cut (53%). In other words, the projects could have been matured for a long time during confinement; By finding themselves locked in their homes to telework, these employees understood that improving their life care remained an essential motivation for organizing their departure (89%).

If the trend is confirmed, these professional migrations would not be without impact on the real estate market both in Paris and Ile de France, and in the regions to which they wish to settle. 51% say they prefer Bordeaux, while 44% prefer Nantes and 31% Lyon.

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