NEAT Technique “Exercise” trick uses energy to burn calories.

Invite both women and men to forgetExercising or exerting energy in a form of exercise (Exercise Activity Thermogenesis: EAT) alone Then turned his attention to the importance of proportions.daily energy consumption the so-called NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) Better because doing Neat just changes lifestyle habits. It makes the energy that the body uses per day to burn more.

NEAT It is used to consume energy and burn with nearby activities by data fromAmerican College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) It is said that our body uses up to 4% more energy when switching from lying to sitting. And will use up to 13% more energy while standing.

which, if calculated, will find that Just change the behavior of sitting and lying down to stand more. It will cause more energy consumption.Up to about 350 calories per dayever, which is the amount of calories It’s the equivalent of 40-50 minutes of cardio exercise. Therefore, if we modify the behavior more It will make us use a lot of energy without having to exercise to sweat at all.

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Use NEAT style energy. Just add movement in a simple way. It burns as much as running or exercising for ½ hour.

1. Just stand up or walk more during work. Because office workers tend to sit and work more than standing up or walking. So more movement will help you burn more calories. may walk to take photocopies, walk to press water, look at the view along the various pages Walked out to eat some food. It’s better than sitting at the table eating.

NEAT Trick Tricks

2. Try to walk a lot in everyday life. Or will it be cycling? For example, cycling to work if you can. or walk to various activities in the house more often than before Or maybe go for a walk, go shopping, walk with the dog. It will allow the body to burn about 30-50 calories per day or more at all.

3. Doing housework helps burn energy.It’s bigger than we thought. Whether it’s doing housework such as sweeping, mopping, arranging the bed, cooking, washing dishes, washing clothes, wiping the glass.

NEAT Trick Tricks

are all activities that make our bodiesBurns a lot of energy Because it makes you have to move your body, walk, move your arms and legs and use your strength. Each activity will burn a difference of 15-50 calories or more. It depends on the amount of work we do.

…Knowing this and changing from sitting, lying or staying in any position for a long time. Change to move, move, walk a lot. Do housework regularly like this. You don’t have to go to the gym to lose money…

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