Ned Nwoko: Regina Daniels’ husband makes the buzz with this photo with another woman

The richest nigerian Ned Nwoko, has great admiration for women. And for that, he made seven of them (much younger than him), his wives.

A life of the husband of Nigerian actress Regina Daniels, often criticized by Internet users, who do not find it normal that a man of his age allows himself to marry young girls who may clearly be the age of his children.

The most recent criticism of which was victim the sexagenarian, dates back to this day when he shared beautiful photos of himself and his Moroccan wife Liala, married for 10 years. I have to say that Laila will be 30 in a few days, half the age of her husband.

That said, when the billionaire was 30, his wife Leila, if she already existed, was still a new born. A detail that has prompted some Internet users to believe that if Ned Nwoko is so successful with young and beautiful women, it is not because he is physically irresistible, but rather because he has a power huge financial.

Recall that when Ned Nwoko was 30 years old, Regina Daniels, his youngest wife, had not yet been born. Since the young Regina Daniels is just 21 years old.

Ned nwoko ignites the web with photos of his Moroccan wife

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