Need Modifications If Vaccines Are No Longer Effective Against Corona B117

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Experts give what if answers the Covid-19 vaccine which is currently in circulation is no longer effective or has completely lost its efficacy against the new variant corona virus B117.

According to Molecular Biologist Ahmad Rusdan Handoyo if that happens, then the vaccine can be modified if it is proven that it is no longer effective against the new variant of the B117 corona virus or loses its efficacy altogether.

“It seems that the vaccine does need to be modified if it is proven that the existing vaccine has completely lost its efficacy. But of course the data shows that the antibodies formed from vaccination still have efficacy,” said Ahmad to, Wednesday (3/3).

Decreased efficacy

However, according to him, until now there has been no vaccine that has been reported not to be effective against mutations of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. He said that until now all available vaccines had only been reported to have decreased efficacy.

“Until now, the available vaccines are still effective at above 50 percent, according to WHO standards. There has indeed been a decrease in efficacy, but it is still above the minimum threshold,” said Ahmad.

Ahmad said the decrease in reported efficacy was not that significant. For example, some vaccines have decreased efficacy from 80 percent to 70 percent. Ahmad did not specify the vaccine.

Furthermore, Ahmad emphasized the importance of vaccine developers to map the genomes of all current virus variants. However, he said developers do not need to create a new vaccine if their current vaccine fails against a new variant.

Vaccine modification

Launch Health Line, a new variant of the corona virus that contains a mutation can reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines such as those made by Moderna are reportedly readily convertible.

So, although the new variant avoids vaccines, the injections can easily be modified to target emerging mutations.

According to infectious disease experts from Yale Medicine, Onyema Ogbuagu mRNA vaccine is easier to modify if it has decreased efficacy. He said the modification only took two days.

Meanwhile, virus vector-based vaccine modification is considered to be much more difficult to change.

Launch The Guardian, Executive Director and chairman of the Covid-19 Genomics UK consortium Sharon Peacock said the Covid-19 vaccine is likely to continue to be updated following virus mutations such as the influenza vaccine.

To do that, laboratories around the world will continually sequence the genomes of flu viruses collected from patient samples and expose these viruses to antibodies from vaccinated people.

This allows them to identify which strains are making people sick, the extent to which they have spread, and how well the previous season’s vaccine protected them.

Launch Washington Post, infectious disease experts are optimistic that the new viru corona variant is still susceptible to the Covid-19 vaccine. If the virus is to mutate further, experts say the vaccine can be quickly reprogrammed to remain effective against the new variant.

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