Negative interest? There is more in there for you with these alternatives

Savers in Germany have long since got used to low interest rates. Ten years ago they could still achieve 2.5 to 3.0 percent annual interest with fixed deposits over a five-year period. In the meantime, it’s usually not even 0.5 percent more. If anything – many banks and savings banks are already charging their customers penalty interest. Oh, no, the negative interest rate is called the custody fee, so as not to show too clearly that the credit institutions no longer pay anything for what they save, but calculate costs. Keeping money alone has become a service that customers should kindly honor. Behind this is the ECB’s penalty interest rate, which the banks also have to pay in part on their deposits with the central bank. However, it is also part of the truth: You yourself are partially exempted from negative interest with high tax allowances, which they like to keep from customers.

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