Negative tests for Ukrainians, who are fighting back

Tests carried out by members of the Ukraine team all came back negative on their return home.

The selection had been placed in quarantine by the Lucerne cantonal doctor because of several positive tests, which had led to the cancellation of the League of Nations match against Switzerland.

The Ukrainian Federation announced the results of the tests on the homepage of its official website, pointing out that the tests were carried out by a laboratory certified by UEFA. She wants to use the results as a basis for a counterattack on the legal ground.

‘It should be remembered that the match between Switzerland and Ukraine was canceled because the Lucerne canton doctor quarantined the Ukrainian national team because of three players who tested positive. Switzerland then refused to allow further testing on players and members of the delegation who gave negative results. According to UEFA protocol, it only takes 13 players from a team, including a goalkeeper, to play a match, ‘she wrote.

The Ukrainians’ strategy is therefore clear. They want to make the UEFA Disciplinary Committee understand that they would have been ready to play last Tuesday’s game in Lucerne. If UEFA doesn’t blame them for the annulment, they could get a draw and avoid a 3-0 green carpet loss.

UEFA’s decision is extremely important. To avoid relegation to League B, Switzerland need a 3-0 forfeit success or a 1-0 draw win.



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