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Takeshi Yamada

Last 10 years,Negishi SBoasts a 70.0% concordance rate with the most popular[4-3-0-3]and was won by the most popular Red le Zele last year as well. However, the 10th most popular Wonder Riedel rushed into the second place, and Maren paid a good dividend of 5370 yen.

The theory of this race is to aim for the so-called “rough string”, and the aim is the fastest horse. The horse in 1st place was[5-2-2-2]with a single recovery value of 364, the 2nd place was[3-1-3-3]with 134, and the 3rd place was[2-1-1-6]. The recovery value is over 100, which is 121.

Horses that were 10th or lower on the 4th corner were[7-3-5-46]. The aforementioned Wonder Riedel went up from 16th place at the end of the 4th corner to 2nd place in 1st place, and the 9th popular smart Avalon in 20 years went up from 12th place in 4th corner to 3rd place in 1st place.AnomaI saw it lurking.

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■ Mogiana Flavor

Mogiana FlavorIs in 2020February StakesSince then, it is a horse belonging to Oi that will be the second central challenge. In the JBC sprint before the second run, he made a good fight with the 4th place that Hana was approaching Mozu Superflare. He showed the strength of the ground as good as the strong opponent in the center.

The previous run was the South Kanto Group Race Gold C held in Urawa. It was the most popular support from the battle record so far, but it was the second place that could not reach the crack due to the slam dunk. Despite losing, the rising 3 halon recorded the fastest 37 seconds 6. The second place was 38 seconds 2 with a difference of 0 seconds 6 and it can be said that the cause of the defeat was the development.

The horse has a strong image of 3rd place in each of the 19th Tokyo Grand Prize and the 20th Mile Championship Nambu Hai, and has a strong image of mile to middle distance, but 1400m ran with the 21st Kurofune Award in addition to the above-mentioned JBC Sprint and Gold C. We have secured a bulletin board for[0-1-1-1]and all races. It is a dark horse-like existence with a sign of high-ranking battle under favorable conditions.

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