negotiations are underway to create Death Stranding 2 – Igromania

Norman Ridus in an interview with the Brazilian AdoroCinema toldthat negotiations are underway to create a sequel Death Stranding.

«It looks like we’ll be doing the second Death Stranding. Negotiations about the game are underway. So … hurray!».

At the moment Kojima Productions puts the finishing touches on the director’s cut of the original for PlayStation 5 – due out on September 24th and will include new story missions, gameplay mechanics and other bonuses, including items for Half-Life and Cyberpunk 2077.

Prior to this news, there were rumors that Hideo Kojima was in talks with Microsoft about the creation of a new game – and it is allegedly planned to be made using cloud technologies.

The rights to Death Stranding are owned by Sony, so Kojima’s studio will not be able to make a continuation of the game with Microsoft’s money – either the team will work on two projects, or the deal with MIcrosoft still did not take place.

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