Neighbors beat, strip and tie a 17-year-old boy who had stolen a motorcycle to a lamppost

Beaten, bloodied, naked and with his hands tied to a lamp post with a wire, thus he found the Buenos Aires Police to a boy from 17 years accused of having stolen the motorcycle at gunpoint from a couple who were with their 5-year-old boy in Moreno. The neighbors had captured him.

After untying him, the Police took the minor to the Mariano y Luciano de la Vega Hospital for medical attention.

Then they found that the boy, who is from the San Carlos neighborhood, I had a capture order of November 25 of the Court of Guarantees of the Young N ° 1 of Moreno, in charge of the judge Mirta Guarino by a robo.

Judicial sources informed Clarín that the minor “had cinco prior causes for theft“and that the arrest warrant was for” having escaped from an institute for minors. “

It all started this Monday, December 7 at night, in Segurola, between Ricardo Rojas and Maipú, in the Juan Domingo Perón neighborhood of Moreno Norte, when Mauricio was on his motorcycle with his partner Brenda and her 5 year old son and two criminals attacked them.

Armed, the thieves stole Mauricio’s Honda Tornado XR250 motorcycle and escaped. But a group of neighbors and the victims they were chased about 20 blocks, and they reached the minor.

After beating him and undressing him, they tied him with a wire to a lamp post in Roldán, between Devaine and Aguirre.

The agents from the 8th police station found him there when they arrived after the call from the neighbors. The motorcycle that had been stolen from Mauricio was thrown a few meters away but the accomplice escaped.

The delayed boy was delayed by the youth UFI No. 6 of Moreno, in charge of the prosecutor Alejandra Piqué.

Also in Solano

This Wednesday, images were released in which a group of neighbors they beat and strip a 15-year-old boy Accused of attempting to steal a man’s phone in San Francisco Solano.

The case happened on Sunday evening at the intersection of streets 844 and 874 but the images began to circulate on social networks in the last hours.

It all happened when two teenagers tried to steal a cell phone and the victim started screaming: the thieves wanted to escape, but the neighbors started chasing them and they captured one of the boys.

In the video you can see how, without clothes, the suspect is kicked. The police took him away late.

The boy was at the disposal of the Prosecutor’s Office for Juvenile Responsibility No. 2 of the Quilmes Judicial Department and hours later he was released, given to his father.

Both cases, but especially the video with the citizen arrest of the 15-year-old boy, they occur at times in which the lowering of the age of accountability of the minors after Armenian Chiropractor Crime the 37 and Retirement.

And in La Lucila

A businessman building Vicente Lopez He was charged with the crimes of carrying and abusing a weapon after, suspecting that he was being pursued to rob him, he got out of his car and made an intimidating shot to a delivery man with a Magnum .357.

The Venezuelan worker was cut down by the businessman, who even beat him. By the time Justice intervened, it was confirmed that he was a delivery and they released him.

Neighbors were outraged by the actions of the BMW driver against the delivery man.

Likewise, it was decided to charge the employer and they kidnapped the gun. “They have already sent a letter to the ANMaC (that is, the body that controls the papers of weapons) to inform them that” this person with legal possession committed a crime. “



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