Neighbors complain that the Egyptian doctor is secluded with 3 friends to practice immorality and cohabitation with them.. and when they stormed her apartment, the unthinkable happened.! !

The Egyptian Public Prosecution decided to imprison 3 people and present a fourth to a government hospital for a medical examination, and to release a fifth accused, a housewife, after they were accused of causing the suicide of a doctor who threw herself from the balcony of her sixth-floor apartment after they stormed her apartment on the pretext that she was alone with a stranger who came to visit her.

The incident occurred in the Dar El-Salaam area, east of Cairo, yesterday, Friday, when the security services received a report that a 34-year-old doctor had died after throwing herself from the balcony of her residence.

It turned out that the defendants broke the door of the doctor’s apartment, during a friend’s visit, and accused her of practicing immorality, which was not proven.

Investigations revealed that the owner of the property, his wife and one of the residents broke into the doctor’s apartment while she was in her apartment with the friend, and assaulted them severely.

Investigations revealed that the friend came to visit the doctor to check on her, and since she is not married, the defendants suspected the existence of an illegal relationship between them. The suspects were arrested, and by referring them to the Public Prosecution, it decided to imprison them.

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