Neighbors explained why there will be no more people like Mercury

Music critic, journalist, TV presenter Sergei Sosedov, on the 30th anniversary of the death of musician Freddie Mercury, explained the phenomenon of the artist and its significance for world culture.

According to him, the main thing in the singer’s work was not music, there is still a lot of good music, but powerful energy, which “pearled” from the stage.

“This is an extraordinary phenomenon. One must be born that way. Such nuggets are born in one copy, once. And there are no more such people. People always fall in love with energy. There are many ingenious melodies, but the listener falls in love with the energy that comes from the person, “he said.

Neighbors stressed that we need to be grateful to fate that we lived under Mercury and listened to him, because in 30 years since the death of the musician, an artist of the same level has not appeared.

Earlier, the first girl of the Queen star Freddie Mercury told reporters that guessed about his unconventional sexual orientation long before there were rumors about it.


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