Neighbors of the El Carmen neighborhood ask for help for robberies

The inhabitants of Calle 47C with Carrera 21C, El Carmen neighborhood, in the southwest of Barranquilla, claim to be tired of the constant armed robberies of those who are being victims, mostly, by motorists.

As they assured EL HERALDO, given the permanent feeling of insecurity, they chose to install cameras in the sector, in an effort to avoid robberies, but “the situation does not improve, on the contrary, thefts continue to be recorded.”

“In this last week alone there have been more than four robberies. In one of them, they took a large sum of money, and another neighbor took four million pesos, cell phones, clothes, personal documents … Also people who are walking. The motorcycle arrives, they are gunned down and everything they have is taken away, ”Jhon Mena, a resident of the sector, told this media, who also claimed to have been the victim of robbery during the quarantine.

The police patrols, say the neighbors, are not constant, since they consider that the territory that the quadrant patrol has to cover is greater than it should.

“The Police arrive when we call them and in some cases it takes a long time, but it is because they are assigned many sectors that they cannot cover. We need an intervention from the District to create a strategy to put an end to this ordeal, ”added Mena.

They shot a woman

A shootout between a Sijín agent and two alleged robbers broke out this Thursday morning at the 19C race with 52nd Street, injuring a 63-year-old woman after one of the projectiles grazed her forehead.

According to the neighbors, every morning the woman goes out to exercise in a neighborhood park and was already on her way home.

Suddenly, the exchange of shots occurred from where she was wounded.

People who reside in the sector took her to a medical center for care.


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