Neil Young drops lawsuit against Donald Trump

Neil Young on his own initiative has dropped his lawsuits against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, which he accused of using his music without his consent.

The executives of the campaign of the outgoing president would have indeed played two of his songs, “Rockin In The Free World” and “Devil’s Sidewalk”, during rallies, without having obtained the necessary authorizations.

Consequently, Neil Young had filed a complaint in August, but on Monday, the case was dismissed.

Donald Trump and Neil Young have been at open war since the then presidential candidate played “Rockin ‘In The Free World” after announcing his intention to run in 2015.

Then while he was president, in 2018, and this summer. “It’s NOT ok for me,” Neil Young tweeted this summer, declaring his distaste for the Republican candidate’s campaign.

And after a new video of the president shows him arriving on stage at the foot of Mount Rushmore to the sound of “Like a Hurricane,” Neil Young once again expressed his disgust.

“I stand in solidarity with the Lakota Sioux and this is NOT ok for me,” he tweeted. His comment refers to the indigenous peoples driven from their sacred lands when gold was discovered in the area.


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