Neither Adel Imam nor Muhammad will not believe what Hamada Hilal’s only wish is to act with this famous artist.! !

The young Egyptian artist Hamada Helal sent a letter to the artist Ahmed Makki, stressing that he hopes that they will be combined with a work of lyrical artwork, because Makki; As seen by Hilal; One of the songwriters who managed to have a strong position in the world of composition.

The Egyptian star said during his meeting with The Insider Arabia program: “I hope to sing with Ahmed Makki, because he writes very sweet words, and he is a clever author who has determined that he proves himself. He presents a different color than me, but I want to work with him, and by saying I myself work with you a song.”

And he achieved great success during the last period, as he participated in the Ramadan marathon, 2022, through the series “Al-Maddah: Legend of the Valley”, which won the admiration of millions of his followers and fans.

He confirmed that he hopes to present the tenth part of the Al-Maddah series, and not only the third, based on the desire of the audience.

He pointed out that the third part of the Al-Maddah series has not been prepared yet, and if the producer of the work decides to prepare for it, all the details will be announced immediately.

Al-Maddah, the legend of the valley, touched on a series of strange dreams that haunt Saber Al-Maddah, the character embodied by Hamada Hilal, as it turns out to him that everything he sees in his dreams comes true on the ground, which makes him on the cusp of a new war he is waging with the jinn.

The series included many artists, besides Hamada Hilal, including: Kamal Abu Raya, Heba Magdy, Donia Abdel Aziz, Sahar Al Sayegh, Hanan Suleiman, Walaa Al Sharif, Ahmed Abdel Aziz, and it was written by Amin Jamal and directed by Ahmed Samir Farag.

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