Neither Jung Woo-young nor Hwang In-beom… How to fill the void in Bentuho’s midfield?

The last A match in June with Egypt on the 14th… Resolving midfield and defense anxiety is the remaining task

There was a big hole in Bentuho’s midfield ahead of the last match A (match between national teams) in June.

Key midfielder Jung Woo-young (Al Sadd) was canceled due to an injury, and Hwang In-beom (Seoul) was also unable to play.

At a press conference held non-face-to-face on the 13th, one day before the evaluation match against Egypt, coach Paulo Bento, who leads the Korean national football team, said, “Hwang In-beom is not in the condition to play tomorrow.”

Korea, ranked 29th in the FIFA ranking, will face Egypt, ranked 32nd, at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 8 pm on the 14th.

This is the last match of four consecutive A-match matches played by Bentuho in June.

It is easy for some European players such as Mohammed Salah (Liverpool), Omar Marmushi (Stuttgart), and Mohammed Elneni (Arsenal) to be missing and unable to play against Egypt in the ‘complete’, but Ben preparing for the 2022 Qatar World Cup in November This is a practice opportunity that is few left in Tuho.

Having played Brazil (1-5 loss) on the 2nd, Chile (2-0 win) on the 6th, and Paraguay (2-2 draw) on the 10th in sequence on the 2nd, Bentuho has two eyes on the homework that needs to be solved in defense and build-up. confirmed with

Neither Jung Woo-young nor Hwang In-beom...  How to fill the void in Bentuho's midfield?

While center back Kim Min-jae (Fenerbahce) left due to an injury, the defense could not withstand the pressure of the South American teams, and the flow in midfield was not smooth.

Among them, in the last match against Egypt, the need to reorganize the midfield was added.

Bentuho entered the match A period with Jae-seong Lee (Mainz), who was not able to join the national team due to a knee injury.

Jae-seong Lee’s position is filled relatively well by ‘little’ Woo-young Jung (Freiburg), who boasts an active amount of activity, but players are continuing to drop out from other positions as well.

Jung Woo-Young (Al Sadd), who has been consistently employed as a defensive midfielder, suffered from muscle injuries in his left ankle and shin, only playing against Chile and was withdrawn from the national team early.

In addition, Hwang In-beom, who played full-time in the last 3 matches of Match A, will not be able to participate.

In the match against Brazil, when Jung Woo-young (Al Sadd) struggled alone in the midfield, Bento lowered Hwang In-beom down to form a double volante to improve stability.

But as both of them leave, Bentuho has to draw another card.

Neither Jung Woo-young nor Hwang In-beom…  How to fill the void in Bentuho's midfield?

Baek Seung-ho (Jeonbuk), who played as a defensive midfielder in the match against Paraguay, may receive another opportunity.

However, it has to show a different side as it also caused disappointment in terms of defense against Paraguay.

In addition to Baek Seung-ho, the national team midfielders include Jin-gyu Kim (Jeonbuk), Seung-beom Ko, Chang-hoon Kwon (above Kimcheon), and Dong-hyun Kim (Gangwon).

It is unclear whether Bento, who does not like changes in player appointments and tactics, will try new things, but it can be an opportunity to establish itself as another option for players.

“You have to see who will play tomorrow to know,” Bento said.

We’ve chosen more than 23 people, but that doesn’t mean all of them will participate.

We will prepare the optimal starting roster and strategy by identifying the necessary parts for the game,” he said.

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